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Stress Management

Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching

Mission Mindfulness: Children Ages 6 to 16 

My Mission

Dedicated to assisting individuals in manifesting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony in all aspects of their lives. I am committed to honoring the needs of each individual, inspiring clients to expand their perceptions of personal wellness, educating about universal ways of being healthy, positive and successful, and bringing lightheartedness and joy to each session. I take pride in my professionalism, versatility, accessibility and willingness to share my skills, knowledge and passion for life.

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In-Studio Massages

Therapeutic Massage—60, 75 or 90 minutes


This Swedish-based style involves a combination of many techniques including long and gliding strokes, kneading of the soft tissue, stretching, and rotation of joints. This type of massage is excellent for increasing circulation and stimulating all body functions, as well as alleviating discomfort and stress leaving each recipient feeling fresh and renewed. Every session is as unique as the individual and can leave the client feeling filled with energy or ready for a long nap!

Sports Massage—60 minutes


For those who are athletic and/or are involved in a sporting event. Pre- or post-event massage is best for those involved in running a marathon, sports or any event that pushes the body to it’s limits. Pre-event massage is best a few days before the game or event, post-event massage is ideal anytime after and maintenance massage is continued sessions all year round to keep the body feeling, limber, lose, healthy and ready for the next big event.

Reflexology—60 Minutes


Reflexology, or zone therapy, is the practice of squeezing and pushing on parts of the feet with the goal of encouraging a beneficial effect on other parts of the body, or to improve general health. The premise is that each point on the foot directly correlates with a part of the body. Some benefits include stress relief, increase in circulation, stimulation of a body part, relieving pain or discomfort, initiating deep relaxation and encouraging regular sleep patterns. 

The client lies on the massage table fully clothed (except for the feet) to receive the treatment. It begins with hot towels and therapeutic grade essential oils to warm up the feet and awaken the senses and ends with soothing massage strokes to complete the session. This is a perfect experience for someone looking for healing, relaxation and rejuvenation in a way other than a full body treatment.

Prenatal/Postpartum—60 minutes


Certified Mother Massage® Therapist

During pregnancy, mom-to-be may experience some discomfort, fatigue and overall dramatic changes in her body. Each session is to ensure maximum comfort and well being for mama and baby. A body cushion system is used to allow her to lie face down and supported completely and comfortably around her body. The session is specific to her needs at that particular time during the duration of her pregnancy. Postpartum, the new mom will be nurtured and helped to regain a sense of normalcy to the body, mind and spirit. 

Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching


Each session is a process of discovery.

A traditional life coach is someone who guides you to reach goals and make changes in all areas of your life. An integrative wellness and life coach does that AND helps you to heal while empowering you to change your life with coaching tools, techniques, and action plans. May include: massage and bodywork, Reiki and energetic healing, talk/meditation therapy, and various other modalities to assist in achieving the balance we need to stay healthy of mind, body and spirit. You guide the session through an evaluation of what your whole self may need at that time. 

Mission Mindfulness: For children ages 6 to 16


Learn skills to manage stress just as grown-ups do!

Kids have a lot to juggle and their daily stressors affect them mentally, emotionally and physically. They can benefit from having stress-relieving tools.

45-minute session may include: 

  • Breathing, grounding and mindfulness techniques
  • Aromatherapy -introduction to scents that calm or energize
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Massage therapy
  • Guided meditation
  • “Tools to take home” for those stressful times that need managing

Each session is created for the individual needs of the child that day as humans are always changing! Please reach out to Melissa directly to discuss your child’s specific needs.

On-Site Stress Management

Seated Chair Massage


Chair massage in the workplace is very popular and employers are finding it to be an essential part of maintaining positivity and morale in the workplace. It is definitely an “investment” in your employees’ health, and a benefit to all aspects of your business! Seated massage is also great for many other events and is typically the highlight of the day!  **Minimum of 2 hours per event.

Some suggestions for working massage into a corporate budget include: employer pays 100% or employer and employee split investment 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30. If you ask your employees, most would be more than willing to pitch in a few bucks to receive a massage at work! 

For Any Event

  • Bridal Showers 
  • Trade Shows
  • Office Parties 
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Holiday Parties
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
  • Sporting Events or Picnics
  • Health Fairs 
  • Birthday Parties
  • Planning Sessions
  • Backstage


  • Increases energy and alertness
  • Assists in reducing stress and preventing injury
  • Your employees and guests will love you! 
  • Maintains wellness 
  • Wakes up senses
  • increases productivity and morale in the work place
  • Improves immune function
  • Lessens depression/anxiety
  • Relieves tension headaches
  • Improves circulation

Meditation/Seated Stretching Workshop—60 minutes


This workshop is only offered combined with seated massage sessions on site. Minimum of 3 hours including workshop.

This workshop introduces individuals to the importance of deep breathing, stretching and meditation. The participants will learn how incorporating these practices into their daily routine at work or home and can reduce stress levels thereby improving overall health. Some interesting historical facts and physical benefits are presented as well as a combination of relaxing and invigorating movements followed by a guided meditation or visualization. This class is essential for those who find themselves often fatigued and unfocused and promises to leave each person feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to face the world. Great for employee appreciation events and health fairs.

Make a Reservation


Melissa (and/or colleagues) will arrive to your home, office, or event, ready to treat your guests or employees to a glorious seated massage (includes head, shoulders, arms, hands and back). Faces light up upon seeing us and the smiles last long after the massage is over!

Only licensed, experienced and professional massage therapists will be sent to your event with all the equipment and skills needed to guarantee a wonderful experience for all.



 “Melissa has been my exclusive massage therapist for years. She is strong and smart and listens to exactly what your body needs. My most recent massage came at a time of intense stress and was unlike previous sessions. She used firm and deep pressure without causing pain. It felt like an exorcism of my tensions. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

—M. Robinson, Frugal Thrift &Vintage 

“I experienced isolated sessions of reflexology over the years, but came to see Melissa for regular reflexology sessions due to nagging back pain. Over time my back pain completely resolved. I kept seeing Melissa, even increased my visits, because the sessions have been so restorative to my physical but also mental/emotional health. Each time I am able to relax in a meditative way where I am aware of my surroundings but also completely relaxed. And once her work on my toes made my clogged ear pop. She’s the real deal!”


“Melissa is not only a talented massage therapist but also brings strong client relations skills to the table. I hired Melissa to deliver on-site chair massage to my company (Philadelphia Weekly newspaper) on a few occasions as a treat for the staff. She was incredibly easy to deal with and is a clear communicator. She arrived prepared and on time which was key to my needs. My staff was thrilled with the massage services and immediately asked me when Melissa would return again. Forget ordering expensive meals or gifts they'll never use to reward your staff...give them the gift of relaxation!”

—Erik Everts, Philadelphia Weekly

“Melissa is great and we look forward to her visits with much anticipation. She is professional, skilled, accommodating, and best of all, she customizes her massage to your likes and personal needs. It's a little slice of vacation in the middle of our week and helps us get through the rest of it with a smile.”

—Jo-Ann Walmsley, Financial Coordinator, CCMS

“I must admit, I was a bit nervous about getting my first massage & reflexology treatment. Melissa quickly put that fear to rest with her exceptional customer service skills & professionalism. She was extremely thorough in explaining every step of the process to me before we got started. During my treatment, Melissa paid attention to every little detail to ensure that I was comfortable. Afterwards I felt more relaxed, content & balanced than I have in years. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone in need of some serious relaxation.”

—Nicole Ross, Creative Director, Brindle Boys Design