Policies of Sound Wellness, Inc.


 1. Inappropriate behavior, including any behavior or comments outside of the professionalism of the session may result in an end of session. The therapist may end a session for any reason he or she deems necessary. If session is ended early client is still expected to pay for session in full.

2. At the least, 24 hours notice is expected for any cancellations. If it is an non-emergency cancellation or client is a no show for their appointment, client is responsible to pay 100% of the amount of the session.


 1. There is a minimum of 2 hours per event. There is 15 minutes allotted for the therapists to arrive and set up before the event. Any other time added on to the scheduled time for any reason will be charged according to the hourly rate.

2. All dates and times must be finalized 7 days before the event.

3. Any cancellations, change in the hours of the event, amount of therapists, or change of location, MUST be finalized 7 days before the event. If events are scheduled within that 7 day period, 72 hours notice must be given for any of the above.

4. For all events over 4 hours, a 50% non refundable deposit is required to book an event.

5. All cancellations without sufficient notice as stated above will result in a charge of 50% cancellation fee.

6. For any event, 3 or 4 hours, therapists will receive a 15 minute break to be included in their scheduled time and therapists will be compensated for that 15 minute break. Any event over 4 hours will include a 30 minute paid break.

7. Each guest or employee will receive a 5 – 20 minute session to be determined by the client/event coordinator and solidified 24 hours before the event.

8. The client/event coordinator will have a list of guests or employees to be given to the therapists the day of the event unless event is on a “first come first served” basis.( If this is the case, the client/event coordinator will make this known 24 hours before the event.)

9. This list will include 2 minutes turn around time between each session.

10. Full payment or balance of payment is due at the time services are rendered in the form of cash, check or Paypal. Please make all checks payable to: Sound Wellness LLC and use this link for Paypal payments:  https://paypal.me/soundwellness