Healthy Well-Being


Melissa’s specialty is working with excessive stress, overuse and misuse injuries—especially athletes and those who work in front of computer screens all day! 

Some of the common problems Melissa sees daily are; TMJ syndrome, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chest and shoulder restriction, nerve entrapment (sciatica pain, carpal tunnel pain), hip restriction and plantar fasciatis, to name a few. Her therapeutic massage includes a variety of techniques, movements and pressures throughout the session. 

Some modalities may include: Swedish massage techniques, Deep Tissue, Trigger point work, Reflexology, Sports massage, active or passive stretching, Reiki and Therapeutic touch. As we feel different each day, so does our body change needs every day. Each therapeutic session is planned and intuitively carried out according to the client’s specific needs.  

A Therapist Who Cares


Melissa’s professionalism, knowledge of the body, and attention to detail allows clients to feel completely nurtured and listened to whether in a private session or in a seated massage at your office or event. Her number one priority is to assist each client in reducing discomfort caused by the physical, mental and emotional stresses in everyday life. 

Melissa strives to teach all her clients to consistently utilize a variety of holistic modalities and self-care techniques to achieve wellness and create overall balance in their lives.

About Melissa


Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Melissa has been a massage therapist and bodyworker since 1992. Prior to receiving her basic massage training at Massage Arts Center in Philadelphia, Melissa completed a holistic studies program at Rosemont College that included a certification in fundamentals of nutrition and energetic bodywork techniques including Reiki. She found her future in holistic wellness and bodywork. 

In 2000, Melissa answered another calling, to become an educator. Along with her private practice, she began teaching at the Rizzieri Institute in southern New Jersey and then, back to the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia as an instructor and mentor. 

Melissa taught the anatomy of the body along with the fundamentals of Swedish massage, MotherMassage®, sports massage and Reflexology. She also acted as director of the community outreach program and student wellness clinic as well as facilitating the classes for healing energetics basics. During this time Melissa created Sound Wellness Inc, offering on site seated massage and holistic workshops to corporate clients. 

In 2008 Melissa crossed the river to set up with her family in Collingswood, New Jersey, There, she found a perfect location, Healing Space Acupuncture and Wellness, in which to set up her studio and serve her community. In 2018 Melissa completed her certification as an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach. She continues to grow and integrate all her healing modalities assisting people to achieve health and balance of mind, body and spirit.